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The chemistry curriculum at Elmira College provides basic preparation for students to enter the chemical industry, undertake graduate study in chemistry, or pursue professional work in fields such as medicine, dentistry, or medical technology. A student who plans to teach chemistry in a secondary school can acquire teacher certification with the addition of Education courses.

The chemistry curriculum also provides students an opportunity to perform independent research with the chemistry faculty. These projects can vary from one-term projects to multi-year projects. Students frequently present their research on a national level at the spring National American Chemical Society meetings.

Students pursuing a degree in chemistry at Elmira will choose a concentration in medicinal plant chemistry, general chemistry, professional chemistry, or chemistry for health sciences.

The medicinal plant chemistry track is designed for students interested in the analysis of plants for medicinal and food applications. The medicinal plant chemistry track provides students with a strong background in plant biology, applications of medicinal chemistry, and instrumental analysis of products derived from plants. Extraction and analysis techniques facilitate student success in industry, graduate school, and research.

The general chemistry track is designed for students desiring a career in chemistry without a graduate degree. This track ensures that students cover many topics within chemistry in addition to providing flexibility with the general education requirements and allows students to double major in a non-science discipline easily and is also for students interested in teaching high school or middle school chemistry.

The professional chemistry track is designed for students interested in attending graduate school in chemistry. This track provides students with a strong foundation in organic, analytical, inorganic, and physical chemistries and will prepare students to enter masters or doctoral programs in many fields of chemistry.

The chemistry for health sciences track is for students who intend to become healthcare professionals (physicians, dentists, veterinarians, etc.). After successful completion, the student will have obtained the content and skills needed for transition to professional school in the medical field.

Facilities at Elmira College for studying chemistry include laboratories for research, radioisotope, instrumentation, and teaching. In addition to the standard laboratory equipment, major instruments available to students are: nuclear magnetic resonance, , atomic absorption, ultraviolet-visible, infrared, and fluorescent spectrophotometers; gas chromatography; mass spectrometry; ultra-centrifuge; as well as computer and data stations.

The chemistry program also has two chemistry-affiliated student groups: the American Chemical Society student group and a chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemical Honor Society.

Students interested in the program can follow the Elmira College Chemistry and Biochemistry Facebook Page.

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