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Learn to Lead in Business

The challenges and complexities of today's world will demand you to be at your best. The Business Administration curriculum is taught by experienced academic professors and professionals who leverage real-world experiences that will equip you with the confidence to succeed in the professional world. You'll complete team projects, go on field trips to manufacturing operations, listen to guest speakers and have opportunities to work side by side with business leaders.


The Elmira Way

At Elmira, you’ll do more than sit in lecture halls. You'll learn to think strategically and bring creative solutions to an industry or project. You'll focus on communication and data analysis skills, delving deep into every facet of a business. And we don't just focus on the local, we explore the global perspectives and investigate multicultural affairs. Combine it all with in-depth projects, exciting site visits and consultation opportunities and it becomes clear how Elmira is the place to start your business career.

Explore our Curriculum

Elmira College is the place for you to start finding your place in the world, whether that's working for a Fortune 500 company, running a local business, leading in the nonprofit sector or starting your own venture.

Business Administration Major

If you're serious about business, then this is your major. Choose from the general business track, management track, marketing track or human resources track. You'll find a combination of theory and practical, hands-on courses as well as special projects and other opportunities.

Students enjoy experiential learning opportunities with regional businesses.


To hear different perspectives on a topic, students work in groups.

Business Administration Minor

Pair your declared major with business courses such as accounting, consumer behavior and international marketing. This minor has over 90 electives to choose from and sets you on a strong path no matter your chosen field.


Business A.S.

An Associate of Science degree provides you a strong foundation in core courses and allows you to earn credits in accounting, statistics, economics, business law, management and marketing.

Photo of Student Presentations


The Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Business School

Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Business School at Elmira College

One of the biggest names in American fashion, Tommy Hilfiger, has deep roots in Elmira. The founder of Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, he is now the namesake of the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Business School at Elmira College. This avenue gives students the opportunity to explore fashion and business with a curriculum that sets the stage for a career in fashion marketing or merchandising.


The fashion business is one of the largest consumer-facing industries in the world, with an estimated annual sales volume of US$1.5 trillion worldwide. Future Fashion Marketing and Fashion Merchandising job prospects are promising with growth predicted in local and emerging markets worldwide. Graduates can expect jobs as retail buyers, visual merchandisers, fashion marketing managers, brand managers, market research analysts, publicists, social media coordinators or event planners.

Allison (Smith) Burns, Esq. '14

Allison (Smith) Burns, Esq. '14

Chief Operations Officer/Fiduciary Litigation Associate, Casey & Lundregan, P.C.
Business Administration

The business department at Elmira College equipped me with the knowledge and skills I need, not only to manage the daily operations and staff of my law firm, but also to represent trustee clients in complex fiduciary litigation regarding accounts and tax obligations.

Explore Honor Societies and Clubs

You can enrich your studies by gathering with other passionate students interested in business topics. Join a society or club and start to grow a network of connections that can help you throughout your career.

Honor Societies:

Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society for Business, Management and Administration – Sigma Beta Delta membership provides recognition for a lifetime. Because the Society is recognized for honoring scholastic excellence in business, it is appropriate to include Sigma Beta Delta membership on your resume. Employers throughout the country will recognize your academic achievements.

  • Requirements: 3.6 GPA, leadership activities and 60+ credits completed at Elmira College
  • Opportunities include Lifetime recognition for outstanding academic achievements, fellowship award opportunities, internships, networking opportunities, and lifetime contact with Sigma Beta Delta Aspirations Newsletter


Elmira College is excited to spearhead its own entrepreneurial community development team, titled EC2 Development (Elmira College Entrepreneurial Community Development).

As members of EC2 Development, students have the opportunity to complete their community service requirements while networking with fellow students and faculty and developing leadership, team-building, and entrepreneurial skills and experience. Upcoming project partners include the Economic Opportunity Program and the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, with more to be announced in the future.

Discover Scholarships

Elmira College wants students to get recognized for their leadership and achievements while helping every student get the education they deserve. You can apply for a range of scholarships and financial aid, and Business Administrations students can apply for two unique merit prizes.

The Julian Allen Prize – The Julian Allen Prize was established for excellence in International Business. Julian Allen taught at the College from 1981 to 1985. This prize has been endowed by the Allen family and the Corning Incorporated Foundation. It is awarded annually on the basis of merit.

The Provost Prize in Business Administration – Recipients of the Provost’s Prizes in the Academic Disciplines are outstanding students in the classroom in terms of their writing, presentation and critical-thinking skills. Such students take on new experiences in research and in learning new skills and techniques, and have frequently presented or published academic manuscripts. These students are members of national academic honor societies, and the faculty at Elmira College anticipates great accomplishments from them in their chosen fields. The Provost Prize is presented to a senior in the Spring Term.

Meet Our Faculty

Bringing a wide range of interests to the table, the Business and Economics faculty focuses on helping Elmira business administration students gain practical knowledge as well as a global vision and a thirst for understanding the world of today and tomorrow.


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to dig deeper? We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers so you get the information you want.

What career opportunitites will my Business Administration degree prepare me for?

A Business Administration concentration at Elmira College prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities in business, leadership and management. Surveys have shown that Elmira College's focus on experiential learning and real-world experience has been a clear advantage to students in their careers, and its graduates are found in areas including human resources, management, marketing, manufacturing, media, fashion, entertainment, global business, the nonprofit sector and more.

What internships are available at Elmira?

Business Administration students complete internships/field experience with organizations in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, with organizations including start-ups, small businesses and large corporations. For a complete list, please refer to the Elmira College Office of Career Services.

Does Elmira offer a study abroad program?

Business Administration students have regular opportunities to study abroad, ranging from Elmira College travel courses to partnerships with overseas institutions. Recent courses include Globalization and Change in Southeast Asia, Natural and Social History of Eastern Australia, and a business and cultural tour of the UK and Ireland.

What makes Elmira's program unique?

One of the best ways to learn about a topic is to experience it firsthand. At Elmira College, Business Administration students will have opportunities to practice their business skills during their college studies. This includes everything from field trips to businesses and manufacturing sites, internships, visiting professionals, consulting opportunities and group projects.