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The biochemistry major is designed to prepare students for those fields in which knowledge of both chemistry and biology is required. Courses in biology and chemistry help students integrate principles from these disciplines into unified concepts, which cross-disciplinary boundaries.

The biochemistry curriculum at Elmira College provides basic preparation for students to enter the biochemical industry, undertake graduate study in biochemistry, or pursue professional work in fields such as medicine, dentistry, or medical technology.

The Biochemistry curriculum also provides students an opportunity to perform independent research with the chemistry faculty. These projects can vary from one-term projects to multi-year projects. Students frequently present their research at professional conferences.

Facilities at Elmira College for studying biochemistry include laboratories for research, instrumentation, and teaching. Of particular utility to biochemistry students are instruments for amplifying and manipulating DNA, a DNA sequencer, gel electrophoresis apparatuses, a gel imager, and a plate-reader that can analyze various types of information on small samples.

Many students are involved in science groups on campus, such as our American Chemical Society student group, or the honor societies: Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemical Honor Society or Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society.

Students interested in the program can follow the Elmira College Chemistry and Biochemistry Facebook Page.

Visit the College Bulletin for a full listing of Biochemistry courses and descriptions.

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