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Graduate school is an opportunity for maturing artists to further develop their work independent of strict class schedules and assignments. While pursuing an advanced degree is very important for studio arts graduates, the master's degree does not necessarily need to be earned immediately after receiving the bachelor's degree. For some students graduate school may not the most viable and opportunistic step after just receiving your B.A. There are many other venues and opportunities to consider. The transition into the ‘real' world as an artist is actually not as difficult as many think. At Elmira College, you will learn how to diversify your artistic potentialities, set up a studio and explore various ways to market your work by creatively using the resources available to you. You may visit a young artist's studio in Brooklyn and a commercial and/or cooperative gallery in Binghamton, Corning and New York City as well as research graduate schools, if in fact that is your plan of action.


If there is one question that career counselors and faculty advisors are asked more often than all others by students seeking assistance with career planning, it is this: “What can I do with this major?” An undergraduate student in the liberal arts and sciences is actually developing a broad array of skills that might be applied to any number of careers, rather than developing an in-depth expertise in just one area. Therefore, a better question to pose might be: “What skills am I developing in my major, and how might I explore careers that would require these skills?” Study in the field of Art at EC offers a general creative education as well as skills in communication and analysis that are essential in most careers. A major in Art prepares a student for work in studios, museums, communications, public relations, sales, historian positions, publishing, journalism, advertising, education, and business. Course work in technical software and multimedia opens up additional opportunities.