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Student works to design a product

Do you look at objects and think: Why does it look that way? How can the shape be improved? Is the design aesthetically pleasing? This program is for anyone who wants to design beautiful and functional products that delight consumers. You’ll learn about the artistic elements, such as color and form, that go into products and how they align with and define brands. 


A design and tools lay on top of a table

Course Offerings

You’ll learn how to apply design principles to the process of building beautiful, interesting, accessible, and functional products for consumers. You’ll get hands-on experience moving ideas through the 3D modeling process and understand how to think critically about not just the use of the product but also its appeal. Also, this program pairs well with other programs including Marketing; fashion merchandising; and fashion marketing. 

A student works on a product design

A design in the works

Students work on a digital art project


Program Requirements

Courses and Credit Hours

Digital Art and Product Design

Required Courses:
ART 2359 Product Design 3.0
ART 3400 Digital 3D Modeling 3.0
FAR 3010 Digital Studio: Art without Borders 3.0

Elective Courses - choose two from the following (6 credits):
ART 1240 Ceramics I 3.0
ART 1280 Computer Imaging and Graphic Design 3.0
ART 1240 Intro Printmaking, Etching and Relief 3.0
ART 2200 Electronic Art Studio 3.0
ART 2000 Video Art 3.0
ART 1362 Furniture Design and Construction I 3.0
ART 2970 Art Furniture Design  6.0
FAR 2905 Crafting the Vision: A Photo and Writing Workshop 3.0
FAR/SOC 1969 Fashion, Power and the Presentation of Self 6.0
THE 2101 Stage Lighting and Sound Design 3.0
THE 2120 Introduction to Theatrical Design 3.0


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some of the questions we hear the most so you can get the answers right away.

What career opportunities will my Digital Arts And Product Design degree prepare me for?

The critical thinking and design skills learned in the program can be applied across many industries and open doors to a variety of roles, including industrial design.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, industrial designers earned a median salary of $71,640 in 2020, well above the average national salary. Job growth in that area is expected to grow 6% between now and 2030. Also, this versatile program pairs well with other areas of specialization that can lead to careers in any industry including business, marketing, graphic design, industrial design, and fashion marketing.

What internship opportunities are available at Elmira?

Art students have a number of internship opportunities at Elmira. Recently, EC students have completed internships with the Arnot Art Museum (in Elmira, walking distance from the College), Rockwell Museum of Art, National Soaring Museum, Corning Museum of Glass, Herbert F. Johnson Museum, Chemung County Historical Society, Community Arts of Elmira (in Elmira, walking distance from the college), and the Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.

Does Elmira offer study abroad?

Yes! Many Term III courses offered have an art and culture component with a focus on art museums, architecture, and public monuments. All students may take Term III trips that include the arts specific to the country they visit. For example, in 2019 a group of Elmira students studied abroad in Greece and Rome. Over the four-week trip, students explored various monuments and museums in Rome, Athens, Mycenae, Delphi, Olympia, and the island of Crete.

Will I have access to the art studios on campus?

You’ll have 24-7 access to well-equipped and spacious studios on campus, giving you the opportunity to explore and practice the fine-art medium(s) of drawing, ceramics, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Additionally, we have many opportunities for you to curate exhibits and exhibit your work on campus and in the local community, including our own George Waters Art Gallery. Check out the Gallery's Facebook page for photos of current and past exhibits.