Discovery Through Immersive Learning

Term III is all about gaining knowledge through experience. We provide you with opportunities to do immersive and intensive work in different fields. These special cocurricular study options are designed to enhance your traditional coursework through innovative and adventurous approaches to learning. If you're an Education student, you can student teach, while Nursing students have the opportunity for clinical work. Many students elect to travel internationally for the term.

Education students pose for a selfie while riding multiple gondolas through Venice, Italy

What You Gain From Term III

Term III has multiple ways in which you can take your education beyond the classroom. Whether you want to immerse yourself by traveling to specific locations, have a more relaxed approach to learning, or do field research, we look forward to seeing you take your knowledge to another level.

A student holds a sea cucumber while in the Bahamas

Travel the World

Term III allows you to have an immersive learning experience where you get to be right in the action of your travels. The locations and historical artifacts you visit are direct points of reference that will inform your studies.

Students hike on a rocky staircase next to a waterfall

Low-Stakes Exploration

What’s great about our program is that it’s a low-stakes approach for students to gain knowledge since there are no performance evaluations or grades given. You simply get to gain a new experience and learn for the love of it!

Students examine a tree as part of a science trip

Perform Field Research

For those of you who are interested in field research, our Term III trips offer you the chance to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations and learn how to collect data, analyze, and problem-solve, all the while fostering understanding of diverse perspectives.

Highlights from 2023

What Cocurricular Activities Can I Do This Year?

Traveling abroad to enhance your education is a life-changing experience. Among the many things you’ll learn are the cultural and natural history of specific regions, the policies and laws that affect vulnerable populations, and the impact of global tourism on local Indigenous communities. You’ll come out of these excursions with an appreciation for different perspectives and lasting memories with friends. 

Visitors make their way across a rope bridge spanning a gap in a rocky shore area in Ireland

Culture, Health, and Policy Law Impacting Vulnerable Populations

Discover how society, culture, policies, and law impact the health, wellness, and resilience of vulnerable populations during this two-week trip to Ireland. Learn how health care needs and resources are balanced within a society or culture through an exploration of social concepts, art forms, and legal policies within a global context. You'll explore cultural arts, religion, architecture, paintings, music, handcrafts, dance, and food as you visit locations such as St. Patrick's Cathedral, Trinity College, the Irish Famine Museum, Dublin Castles, gardens, shopping districts, and St. Stephen's Green.  

Students perform research on tide pooling in the Carribean

Environmental Field Methods: Caribbean Coastal Hydrology and Ecology

Visit St. John in the Virgin Islands and spend two weeks in the field exploring environmental sampling careers in hydrology, water resources, oceanography, ecology, geology, or sedimentology. Collect environmental samples according to standard environmental sampling methods, run quality control and assessment on those samples, and process and manage the collected data into a usable format. 

A student swims under the surface of the water with a snorkle in the Bahamas

Marine and Island Ecology

Study tropical marine and terrestrial organisms and environments on the island of San Salvador, Bahamas during this four-week experience. You'll learn methods for sampling plants and animals, and perform independent research projects. Examine reef ecology, intertidal zones, and plant communities, along with the geology, history, and culture of the island. 


Past Opportunities

Explore our past Term III excursions and gain a better understanding of how exhilarating experiences like these can bring your classroom studies to life and change the way you see the world.

  • The ability to learn classical history while studying in Greece, Turkey, or Egypt
  • A class that studies Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, capped with a trip to the Galapagos Islands
  • A class in marine and island ecology in the Bahamas 
  • The chance to participate in an archeological dig at important national historical sites

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