The Provost supervises all of the educational programs offered by the College, including baccalaureate degree programs, graduate programs leading to the master's degree, two-year programs leading to associate's degrees, and programs for which a certificate of completion is awarded. The Provost also provides learning opportunities designed to augment and expand formal classroom instruction.

Students may follow the requirements of the Elmira College Catalog in effect when they first enroll or, for transfer students, the Catalog of their graduating class. Additionally, if a program is revised, a student can graduate by following either the old or new requirements.

Questions, concerns, and comments about academic programs, services, or regulations may be addressed to Office of the Provost in McGraw Hall Room 106, (607) 735-1804, or the Office of the Registrar, McGraw Hall Room 113, (607) 735-1895. Every effort will be made to assist students in their progress toward a degree.

Annual Disclosures

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