“I always enjoy meeting with my academic success coach because she cares about what I have going on and helps me find solutions and other people to talk with about things that are going on. If she does not know the answer she will always find someone that I can talk with that may have the answer.”

Student Success

Our Mission

The Office of Student Success is committed to the growth, success, and retention of all students through guidance, support, and cultivation of their personal well-being, academic success, and social transition to Elmira College.

We are dedicated to the fullest development students potential both inside and outside of the classroom. Our office focuses on engaging resources and relationships so students can enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding experience at Elmira. We work with you to personalize your journey and encourage growth. We continue to help you leverage the full value of your education. Whether you would like to embrace a new opportunity or need additional support for some aspect of your college experience.

The Office of Student Success is here to help you:

  • Navigate challenges that emerge in the transition to college
  • Design an Elmira College experience that reflects your values and personal goals
  • Discover tools to help you learn and be successful
Students listen to the teacher in a lecture hall


Within the Office of Student Success, there are a wide variety of resources available with the priority of engaging students in success and goal oriented services such as:

Success Coaching

Through one-on-one meetings, students will work with a member of the Student Success team to set goals and create actionable steps to achieve them. Using a strengths-based approach, students will be empowered to explore academic strategies and find what works best for them. These strategies include time management, note-taking, studying, test-taking, etc. Students are also encouraged to discuss any academic concerns with a member of the Student Success team. While all students are welcome to utilize the services we offer regardless of academic standing, a specialized team member works specifically with our student-athlete population to help them navigate their unique dual role at the college-level.

Academic Probation Recovery

Students placed on academic probation will work with a member of the Student Success team to develop a personalized academic success plan to facilitate improvement.

LRS 1020: Academic Strategies Enrichment

This 1.5-credit course, which is designed to target students in need of additional academic support, will foster the formation of positive academic behaviors. With a growth mindset approach, students will engage in discussions, reflect on their growth, and complete assignments that help them to integrate their developing skills into their everyday lives.



Dr. Magan Straight

Assistant Director of CAPE
Manager of Student Success and Accessibility Services
Student Learning Commons, Gannett-Tripp Library

Aaron Lindgren

Aaron Lindgren

Supervisor, Student Success
Student Learning Commons, Gannett-Tripp Library
(607) 735-1165

Bill Kelly

Bill Kelly

Student-Athlete Academic Support Specialist
Student Learning Commons, Gannett-Tripp Library

Jessica Galatioto

Jessica Galatioto

Student-Athlete Academic Support Specialist
Student Learning Commons, Gannett-Tripp Library

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