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We are looking forward to welcoming our EC community to campus this fall for in-person teaching, learning, and working! The following safety guidelines provide a framework to assist students, families, and employees as they return to campus. Information will be updated as local health guidelines change.

Reopening Announcement/Statement from President Lindsay


Date(s) Academic Event
Aug 27-30 Fall Orientation
Aug 30 Move-In for Returning Students
Aug 31 Term I Classes Begin
Oct 29 & 30 Fall Break
Nov 20 Final Day of Classes
Nov 30-Dec 4 Online Final Exams

** Click here for full Term I Calendar **


Elmira College will, barring any future government restrictions, open for in-person classes for the Fall 2020 Term. The below PDF contains details on academics and residential life to screening, testing, isolating and tracing protocols. Content will be updated on a regular basis to meet NYS and local health guidelines.

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Reopening Guidelines


**Please note: All information is per NYS and local health guidelines; information will be updated as needed.

For additional information on the coronavirus and prevention measures, visit our Coronavirus Information page.

What measures will the College use to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?

Campus healthcare personnel will closely monitor and assess the potential spread of the virus, as well as existing policies and procedures to mitigate it. The College is working closely with the local health department, and that department will manage contact tracing, if necessary.

How will classrooms be cleaned and disinfected?

Buildings and Grounds will clean high-touch areas daily in addition to the overnight cleaning of office and workspaces based on CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfection and Occupational and Environmental Safety Office (OESO) protocols. B&G will also maintain hand-sanitizer stations at major building entrances and high-traffic areas.

In addition, it is important for faculty, staff, and students to take responsibility for wiping down surfaces before use with supplies that will be available in academic buildings.

How will you address quarantining if an outbreak occurs in the residence halls?

Anderson Hall will be reserved as an isolation and quarantine facility – no other students will be housed in this residence hall. The building will be labeled as, "Authorized Personnel Only" and access will be limited. A residence life coordinator will reside in the building and have access to appropriate PPE to use if entering quarantine spaces.

What will initiate a change in operating status?

Changes in operating status will occur if we get a confirmed case on campus or if the Governor's office issues changes in stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders. The focus remains to keep students on campus and manage the infection rather than returning them to a different community where further infection could take place.

Have your recommendations been vetted by health care experts?

Yes. The safety and health of all students and employees is our primary concern. We are in regular contact with staff at the Arnot Ogden Medical Center and the Chemung Co. Health Department, along with the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, to ensure we are meeting all local health guidelines. In addition, the College continues to follow all guidelines from the CDC and state and local health departments.

Will Elmira College provide faculty and staff PPE to keep them safe?

Employees may utilize their own, homemade masks, but masks also will be available to all employees through the Clarke Health Center. The CHC will assure proper levels of personal protective equipment are kept in stock in the event there is a need to care for persons suspected or known to have COVID.

What if I have a disability?

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves guidance from public health authorities and CDC are likely to change. The College will continue to follow the most up to date information on maintaining workplace safety. We will work with students to address all concerns for the most equitable educational experience possible. Any student with questions or who needs additional assistance is encouraged to contact Carolyn Draht, Associate Registrar/Academic Accommodations Coordinator by emailing or calling (607) 735-1857. Similarly, our employees expect and deserve the safest work environment. Employees needing additional assistance are encouraged to contact Human Resources at

How is the College addressing social distancing in the classrooms?

Given our small class sizes, we are able to arrange classrooms in a way that promotes social distancing. Desks will be either removed or marked as unavailable. Specialty areas such as labs, clinics, research spaces, and simulations that have specific limitations will have proper protocols posted outside those designated areas.

What happens if the College has to go fully online again?

As we did in Spring 2020, Elmira College is fully ready to keep providing a quality education no matter what the delivery mode. All faculty are prepared to deliver classes online in the fall or at any other time. Faculty are engaged in intensive discussion and preparation throughout the summer on how to best continue the academic work whether they meet with students in-person or online.

Why not come back after Thanksgiving?

This decision discourages travel back to campus after the break and allows students to remain home until the Winter Term, reducing the chances of carrying the virus back and forth between home and campus.

How will classrooms and administrative offices be cleaned and disinfected?

Buildings and Grounds will clean high-touch areas daily in addition to the overnight cleaning of office, workspaces, and administrative offices based on CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfection and Occupational and Environmental Safety Office (OESO) protocols. B&G will also maintain hand-sanitizer stations at major building entrances and high-traffic areas.

For public-facing administrative offices, many tasks/requests can still be done online, via email, or via phone calls. However, if students, faculty or staff need to come into the administrative offices, they will follow physical distancing protocols and be equipped with plexiglass shields, where appropriate.

Faculty, staff, and students must also take responsibility for wiping down surfaces before use. This includes any shared-space location or equipment (e.g. copiers, printers, computers, A/V and other electrical equipment, coffee makers, desks and tables, light switches, doorknobs, etc.).

I am an international student and my visa limits the number of online courses I can take. What do I do if am unable to return to campus due to travel restrictions or my courses move fully online because of a resurgence of the virus?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued guidance to colleges and universities that enables international students to temporarily participate in additional distance learning credits beyond what is allowed under visa rules if in-person courses are converted to online courses in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

What about requirements related to internships, clinicals, student teaching, and other off-campus activities?

Clinicals, student teaching and internships are planned for this coming year. Be in touch with your instructor about the details. If you cannot participate because of illness, are in quarantine or self-isolation, or if your site is closed, contact your supervisor or instructor and find out how hours can be fulfilled.

Will there be a fall sports season?

While the NCAA and Empire 8 Conference are currently recommending shortened seasons, it is the College's full intention that all athletics teams will compete during their regular seasons.

What will fall sports look like for student-athletes?

An athletics return-to-play protocol that follows NCAA and League guidelines is in development. As the NCAA and League guidelines become more clearly defined, the College will refine its protocols and share with the campus community.

Will my Room and Board charges be reduced since the Term is condensed?

Although students will be taking finals from home this fall, the actual days in residence (and thus the dining hall) will equal that of a normal Term II, and be billed as usual.

What about EC traditions like Mountain Day, Octagon Fair, and Holiday Banquet?

The College is preparing for a COVID-ready campus experience so the traditional campus experience can be preserved to the greatest extent possible, with safety protocols and guidelines in place that protect students, faculty, and staff. Adaptations to these traditions may need to occur, but that’s part of making history. Mountain Day today is not the same as it was in 1919 when it first started, yet it remains one of the most beloved traditions. EC students are resilient and will make their mark on these traditions just as others have before them.

Will rapid testing be available when the Term begins?

Initial testing for COVID-19 will take place through the Clarke Health Center in partnership with Arnot Health, as student groups are returning to campus (RAs, athletes, internationals, freshmen, etc.) and randomly throughout the Term. Daily screenings will also be required. The College is working closely with the Chemung County Health Department, and that department will manage contact tracing, if necessary.

Some health experts are suggesting there could be a second outbreak. What is EC doing to prepare in the event that happens?

The College is prepared to test, trace, quarantine, and isolate affected students on campus. Arnot Ogden Medical Center will provide hospitalization to affected students, if necessary. If the Governor orders a campus closure, we will work with families for an orderly exit from campus. Planning is in process, so that students can maintain their academic progress, should the need arise.

How will the College address students who break physical distancing by gathering off campus?

Students returning to the residence halls must sign a "wellness pledge" acknowledging that they understand the newly implemented safety rules and risks involved, particularly if the rules are not heeded.

Will the Gannett-Tripp Library be open?

Yes. The GTL will be open with cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place.

What is the plan for fall residence move-in?

At this time, move-in dates are still scheduled for August 27 for incoming students and August 30 for returning students. More information about move-in will be provided by the Office of Residence Life in the weeks ahead; all appropriate physical distancing and other safety protocols will be followed.

Will sports be played in the fall?

While the NCAA and Empire 8 Conference are currently recommending shortened seasons, it is our full intention that all athletics teams will compete during their regular season.