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Students left campus following Commencement on June 5, 2022. Given the low number of students and employees on campus during the summer, the dashboard will not be updated during the summer months.

The dashboard below provides an update on Elmira College's COVID-19 tests and cases, if any, broken out by constituency. All numbers reflect testing administered by a healthcare provider and/or Elmira College for students and employees living or working on campus. 

Reporting began on August 30, 2021, and continued throughout the 2021-2022 academic year.  The dashboard was updated weekly with the day and time of the latest update indicated below each section. "New Cases" are those added since the last update. Total Active Cases + Total Resolved Cases = Cumulative Positive Tests.

**Please note: the numbers reported on this dashboard are not identical to the information reported on the New York State dashboard. Be sure to read the definitions provided on each site.**

Those that have tested positive will either isolate in a designated location on campus or at an off-campus location with medical guidance provided by the Clarke Health Center and/or their personal health care professional until they recover.

The Chemung County Health Department and New York State are providing contact tracing and anyone who has come into close contact with the infected persons have been or will be notified and advised on the appropriate health and safety protocols. Notifications will be made to College members of possible exposures if the person testing positive was on campus while infectious. All contacts deemed at risk of exposure will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days.


  • Students – All students that are residing in on-campus housing and/or taking classes on campus during the current term.
  • Employees – All employees working on campus.
  • New Cases – The number of individuals that tested positive since the previous report.
  • Total Cases: Active Cases – The number of individuals currently in isolation due to having tested positive.
  • Total Cases: Resolved Cases – The number of individuals, who previously tested positive, who have recovered and are no longer in isolation.
  • Tests: Positive – The cumulative number of test results that indicate a person tested positive for the COVID-19 virus (not the antibody).
  • Tests: Results – The cumulative number of test results returned from testing by a healthcare provider and/or Elmira College.
  • Tests: Positivity Rate – Cumulative Percentage of individuals testing positive out of total test results returned.
  • Quarantine: Occupied – This number reflects the individuals who are in quarantine or isolation on campus. A person is placed in quarantine if they have had close contact with an individual that has tested positive or they are symptomatic and awaiting test results. A person is placed in isolation if they have had a positive test result.
  • Quarantine: Beds – Number of quarantine/isolation beds managed by Elmira College (includes occupied and available). The College may expand inventory as necessary.
  • Quarantine: % Open – Percentage of quarantine/isolation beds on campus that are NOT occupied by someone in quarantine/isolation and therefore currently available for use.

For information regarding mitigation and monitoring efforts at Elmira College, please refer to the College's 2021-2022 Coronavirus Guidelines on our Soaring Forward page.