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The Value of an Elmira Education Stands the Test of Time


Full time:

Students who matriculate as a full-time student pay the full-time tuition rate ($34,578 plus $1,650 comprehensive fee). Dependent part-time students will pay $960 per credit hour. Freshmen and upperclassmen enrolling in more than 18 credit hours during fall or winter, or more than 7.5 credit hours for the Spring term will be billed $960 per credit hour in addition to the full-time tuition rate. Full-time students wishing to transfer to part-time status may be considered for the part-time tuition rate (as referred to below) following an absence from campus of at least one full calendar year.

Part time:

Independent students who first enter Elmira College as a part-time student pay the part-time tuition rate (currently $460 per credit hour). Part-time status is defined as enrolling in fewer than 9 credits during a fall or winter term or less than 4 credits during Term III. Part-time students who enroll in 9 credits during a fall or winter term or 4 or more credits during Term III will be charged the full-time tuition as detailed above.

2020-2021 Student Charges

**A comprehensive fee of $1,650 per year ($825/term for fall and winter) provides direct underwriting for technology and general academic and student support. These services are provided to all students and are essential elements of an education at Elmira College.**

Full-time Residence Hall Students*

  • Tuition & Fees: $34,578 tuition plus $1,650 ($825/term for fall and winter) comprehensive fee for a total of $36,228*
  • Standard Room and Board Plan: $13,125

Total Resident Student Cost: $49,353

Full-Time Commuter Students*

  • Tuition & Fees: $36,228*

Part-Time Non-Traditional Students

  • $460 per credit

Part-Time Traditional Students

  • $960 per credit

*Elmira College is a residential campus. All Undergraduate students, except those who live with parents locally, are required to live on campus.