Tuition Reset

Elmira College was founded in 1855 - a time in American history when abolitionists were fighting to end slavery and suffragettes were pushing for women’s rights. These movements supporting human rights and opportunity permeated much of the thinking in Upstate New York. It was in this spirit that the founders of Elmira College decided to “establish a real college for women” equal in rigor to the best men’s colleges of the day. Co-educational since 1969, the College continues that tradition today, offering an engaging, immersive, and supportive student-centered education for all students studying at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

But much of the current higher education system has gone awry. A recent Pew Research Center poll found that 60% of Americans say higher education is headed in the wrong direction. While everyone has varying opinions on what’s wrong, one thing everyone agrees on – tuition rates are too high. And we agree.

To that end, and effective with the 2019-2020 academic year, Elmira College’s tuition and fees will be reset to $35,400 ($33,900 tuition plus $1,500 fees) – a decrease of 15% – which will narrow the gap between our published tuition and the anticipated amount families will pay. In addition to federal, state, and other private sources of aid available to students, the College will continue to award merit- and need-based aid.

This tuition reset makes an Elmira College education a real possibility for more students. An education that pairs academic excellence with high-caliber faculty; an education that provides life-changing and immersive learning opportunities; an education that includes vibrant co-curricular options in an engaging campus environment; and an education that is more than an education, but an experience and a bond that fosters leadership, success, and friendships which last a lifetime.

We were founded on the idea of promising opportunities. Today, we reconnect to the spirit of our past and renew that commitment for students from all walks of life.

Tuition Reset Facts

Table comparing highest to lowest tuition costs at colleges labeled A - D with Elmira college tuition costs. Table compares tuition costs both before Elmira College's tuition reset and after.

Infographic of Elmira College facts.