ROTC Scholarships

Scholarships for High School Students

High School Students can apply online for a four year Army ROTC Scholarship. This Scholarship includes full tuition in a four year undergraduate program, $1200 per year in book money, mandatory fees, and a monthly stipend that increases each academic year. 

Monthly Stipend Values:

Lt. Charles Shepard Class of 1861 Award

Given by Elmira College to ROTC cadets contracted with full tuition scholarships.  This award is equal to the basic room & board charges for the academic year.  

For more information, email or call (607) 735-1929.

We understand that choosing to serve in the military is a hard decision to make for many High School Seniors, but we try to make the decision easier. If you receive a four year scholarship and later decide that you are not cut out for Army life, you can quit the program before the end of your freshman year with no obligation to serve in the Army and no requirement to repay.

Although we would like to give every ROTC student a scholarship, they are competitive. Our Scholarships are all merit based and not need based. We evaluate students according to three merit categories: Scholar, Athlete, and Leader. We encourage all of our applicants to not only strive for academic excellence, but participate in clubs and sports, as well as student government and volunteer groups. There are also minimum requirements for scholarship applicants. In order to receive a scholarship you must meet the following standards:

Scholarship Minimum Requirements:

Apply Today! Applying for the Scholarship is not binding in any way. If you receive the scholarship you can always decline it at a later date. 

Scholarships for College Students

If you are currently enrolled in a four year institution or are enrolled in a two year institution with a planned transfer to a four year institution you may be eligible for a four, three, or two year full tuition scholarship. This scholarship is identical to the four year scholarship we offer high school students and includes full tuition and student fees, $1200 per year for books, and up to $500 per month in tax free stipend. In order to receive this scholarship you must meet the following requirements:

Scholarship Minimum Requirements:

You may also be required to complete the Army ROTC Basic Camp in order to qualify. If you are attending or plan to transfer to Elmira College contact us to begin the scholarship application process.

Scholarships for Active Duty Soldiers

As an active duty soldier you may be eligible for a commission through the Green to Gold Program. The Green to Gold program allows you to obtain your baccalaureate degree through one of two methods.

  1. Green to Gold Scholarship Option - For Soldiers who are considering leaving active duty to attend college.
  2. Green to Gold Active Duty Option - For Soldiers who want to remain on active duty and attend college.

Soldiers who have two to four years of college remaining to complete their degree are considered for a two to four year scholarship. The benefits of this scholarship are:

Green to Gold Scholarship Benefits:

Green to Gold Scholarship Requirements:

If you are interested in participating in the Green to Gold program contact Mr. Michael Newton,, and he will help you get started.

Guaranteed Reserve/National Guard Scholarships

If you are an enlisted soldier in the Reserves or National Guard a Guaranteed Reserve Scholarship may be the best option for you. As a National Guard or Reserve Soldier attending Elmira College or one of our partnership schools, you can participate in the simultaneous membership program. This program will allow you to earn your commission through ROTC and continue drilling with your unit. Upon graduation you will then continue to serve in the National Guard and Reserve components of the Army. This is a great opportunity for any Reservist who would like to become an officer. Simultaneous Membership Program Benefits include:

SMP Benefits:

In order to receive a Guaranteed Reserve Forces Scholarship you must meet the following requirements:

Guaranteed Reserve Forces Scholarship Requirements:

If you are interested in a Guaranteed Reserve Forces Scholarship contact Mr. Michael Newton,