Academic Scholarships/Awards

Each year, Elmira College offers academic scholarships to students interested in attending our college. Each student can only be awarded one scholarship. If a student was to qualify for more than one scholarship or award, the scholarship of highest value will be awarded.

Founder Scholarship - $20,000 per year

The Founder Scholarship is Elmira College’s most prestigious merit-based award and takes into account a high school student’s high school grade point average, academic curriculum, ACT or SAT (if submitted), academic letters of recommendation, and co-curricular involvement.

Elmira College Key Award - $20,000 per year

The Elmira College Key Award, sponsored by the Elmira College Alumni Association, has been awarded to students since 1935. An award of merit, the Key Award is presented to outstanding students in their junior year of high school or preparatory school. One male and one female from each high school will be offered the Key Award.

Langdon Award - $15,000 per year

The Langdon Award is awarded to first-time, full-time students and is based on academic and co-curricular accomplishments, character, and leadership. Students who are awarded the Langdon Award are not recipients of the Elmira College Key Award.

1855 Award - $10,000 per year

The 1855 Award is awarded to first-time, full-time students who exemplify outstanding leadership through involvement in clubs, organizations, performing arts, and more. While academic criteria are used in the awarding of the 1855 Award, precedence is given to a student’s co-curricular resume.

Transfer Honor Scholarship - $15,000

The most prestigious scholarship awarded to a transfer student, the Transfer Honor Scholarship looks at cumulative grade point average of all colleges attended as well as co-curricular involvement throughout college.

Transfer Achievement Award - $10,000

The Transfer Achievement is awarded to a transfer student based on academic and co-curricular achievements.