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Students, parents farewell at college

The Elmira College admission staff views our partnership with guidance and college counselors as one of our most valuable resources. In an effort to be as transparent and collaborative as possible — and to assist you in counseling your students — we have assembled the information to provide you with an overview of EC. If you have questions or ideas for ways we can be more helpful, please contact us at (800) 935-6472.

Fast Facts About Elmira College

We could talk about Elmira College for days, but it may just be quicker to give you the bullet point version. If you would like to talk more about what makes Elmira College one of the finest small liberal arts in America feel free to contact us.We also invite you to visit us.We are located in Elmira, New York and are the perfect location to begin your journey through the Finger Lakes Region, one of New York States finest wine making areas.We welcome you at anytime, but extend a special invitation to join us for one of our prospective student Open House Programs.Please call us at 800-935-6472 and we will make all of the arrangements.

Scholarships & Awards

Elmira College offers more than $27 million each year in academic scholarships and awards. Money magazine has named EC in the Top 10 Colleges in the Nation for Academic Scholarships.

Elmira College Key Award

The Elmira College Key Award, sponsored by the Elmira College Alumni Association, has been awarded to fine students since 1935. An award of merit, the Key Award is presented to outstanding girls and boys in their junior year of high school or preparatory school.

Scholarship Calculator

As you are aware, often a private college education can be within the reach of many students.We encourage families to complete the Elmira College Net Price Calculator in order to learn just how much financial support we may be able to offer a student. While some colleges may not place the federally required net price calculator front and center, we encourage families to learn how much aid may be available to them at Elmira early in their search process.

Elmira College Counselor Info

If you have any questions, and we mean any, contact us!