The Transfer Promise

A Transfer Promise: Olivia F.  ’19 

Olivia F. ’19 was excited to start college and prepare for a career as a nurse.  But it wasn’t long into her first semester, that she realized the school she was at, wasn’t the right fit for her. Our Transfer Promise Olivia F

“I just didn’t feel at home there,” said Olivia.  “I started searching for transfer options, and my mom suggested taking a look at Elmira College.”

Olivia scheduled a visit to Elmira College and submitted her application and transcript for review.

“As soon as I got here, I felt a sense of being home,” she recalled.  “Everyone was so friendly. While we were on tour, random students and faculty who weren’t part of the tour, stopped to talk and welcomed me to campus.”

Beyond the friendly atmosphere, Olivia found the academic setting to be a match for her as well.

“I had a chance to meet the professors, and they really wanted to help me and make sure I would succeed,” she said.

At the end of her tour, Olivia met with the Admissions and Financial Aid staff to review her application and was excited to learn she had already been accepted and had also received a scholarship.

“Not only did I get accepted, but all my credits had transferred.  That was such a relief and really helped keep me on track. And the scholarship was nice, too,” grinned Olivia. 

“For those thinking of transferring, don’t be hesitant. You want to feel at home and confident that you’re going to succeed. For me, that was at Elmira College.”

Whether you’re looking for that “right-fit college” or are ready to transfer from a two-year program to a four-year program, Elmira College is dedicated to helping you along every step of the journey.  And that’s our Transfer Promise.


Elmira College values transfer students. We understand that sometimes your plans change. Perhaps you decided to attend a two-year college and are now ready to earn your bachelor’s degree. Or, your four-year college experience did not meet your expectations. Whatever the reason, if you’re ready to transfer to Elmira College, we promise to help you along the way. We are pleased to announce the Transfer Promise at Elmira College. 

The Transfer Promise includes:

1. Credit Evaluation before you apply!

Many times, you want to know what courses will transfer to Elmira College. At EC, we will conduct a credit evaluation for you before you apply for admission. Contact the Office of Admissions to schedule an appointment with our Transfer Admissions Counselor.

2. Scholarships and Financial Aid

We understand that affording a private college education may be a concern for you and your family. That’s why transfer students are eligible to apply for merit-based scholarships and generous, need-based financial aid.

3. On-campus housing

Transfer students are guaranteed housing in one of our residence halls. We are a residential campus and welcome transfer students as valued, new members of our campus community!

4. Orientation and Course Selection

Transfer students are invited to attend our Summer Registration Programs and become acclimated to the Elmira College community. Additionally, you’ll be able to register for courses online.

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