How to Apply

As a transfer student to Elmira College, you may apply at any time. There are no deadlines. We consider applications, if openings exist, for terms beginning in September, January and April. We will make our admissions' decision once we have received your completed application materials.

Our Registrar will evaluate your transfer credits after you have been accepted and we receive your official transcripts. As a rule, we accept credits from accredited colleges and universities for courses where you have earned a C-minus or better.

Here's what you do:

  1. Complete an application to Elmira College.
  2. Have the Registrar from every institution you have attended send an official transcript to the Office of Admissions. Have transcripts sent even if you only attended a college for a few months.
  3. Submit the Dean of Students Recommendation form from the Dean of Students at all institutions you have attended
  4. Submit a letter of recommendation from a dean, advisor, college placement counselor or professor from your most recently attended college.
  5. Send a catalogue or description of courses you have completed or scheduled if the college you have attended is outside New York State.
  6. Have your secondary school send a transcript if you have completed fewer than 12 semester hours of college.
  7. Sit back and wait. We will let you know as soon as we receive everything.