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Elmira College - The Right Place for You

Freshman Orientation 2012

The college search process can feel like a daunting task. Thousands of options, and how do you figure out which one is right for you? Try to see it as a fun opportunity to learn more about yourself and the best place for you to learn and shape your future. Search those .edu sites, spend those hours in the car with your family to visit near and far, but most of all, remember that this is your choice. No one else is going to have to live and learn here. We hope that you find Elmira College holds the key to your future and that you decide to "Share in a tradition that transforms lives."

Schedule a visit
Attend an Open House, meet your future professors at a Major Specific Day, join us at a Drop-in Day or give us a call and schedule an individual visit. Be sure that you let us know what you want to achieve during your visit. Do you want to meet a coach, or join us for lunch in the Dining Hall, or just stroll our beautiful campus?

Plan an overnight visit
Experience EC from a student's perspective. Eat the food. Check out the campus beyond the tour. We will schedule you to attend classes as well as spend the night. You should plan to arrive on campus in the late afternoon to meet your host. You will likely join your student host at a club meeting or attend an event. However, usually the best part of this visit is just "hanging out" in the residence hall. If you give us two weeks' notice that you want to do an overnight visit, we can make all of this happen for you.

Attend a class
Learn about our academic programs and distinguished faculty yourself. Engage with students and professors. Think big thoughts. By letting us know a few weeks in advance about your academic interest, we should be able to have you visit a class with a professor in your intended major. Who knows, you might decide to take their class next year!

Meet with your admissions counselor
Get answers from our admissions team. Your success is our success. EC counselors can help you find whether you fit at EC.

See us play
Watch our competitive athletics teams in action. Experience EC Athletics yourself. Cheer for the Soaring Eagles.

Send in your application for admission! We can help you along the way, too.

Visit again! We think you will like what you see.