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Writing Your Essay

There is no specific, right or wrong way to write your college essay. We just want to learn more about who you are as an individual, as the application itself only tells us so much. The required essay allows the Admissions team to connect with you on a more personal level.

Four Tips for Success When Writing Your Essay

  1. Be concise. Tell us what you want to say within word and page requirements from either our EC application or the Common Application.
  2. Create and maintain your self image. Try to naturally convey yourself in the best light possible.
  3. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Review your essay and have at least two other people look it over as well. Grammatical errors are a big turn off and are noticeable as we read each essay.
  4. Don't be afraid to get inventive. Try to write about something important to you, but find a fun and creative way of conveying it to the Admissions team.
  • Looking for a few ideas to get your essay started? Here are some popular essay topics:
  • Your academic career (What are your passions, how have you challenged yourself, what would you have done differently).
  • Your overall involvement (Tell us about your community engagement involvement, extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, or other unique activities or roles you have participated in outside of the classroom).
  • Your interest in Elmira (Why did you choose to apply to Elmira? What is it about us that make you think you would be a perfect fit?)

We cannot wait to read your essay and get to know you better!