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Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Skills Courses (6 credits)

SPA 2030 Spanish Conversation and Grammar
SPA 2040 Spanish Composition and Reading (W)                                                   

Survey and Civilization Courses (3 credits)

SPA 3025 Survey of Hispanic Literature or
SPA 3310 Latin American Culture and Civilization                                                   

Immersion Course (6 credits)

Immersion course in Spain or Latin America                                                            

Internship (3 credits)

In Spain, Latin America or locally at an organization approved
by the Spanish/Hispanic Studies professor                                                                   

Electives in SPA field code (at least 15 credits at 3000 level)

SPA 3025 Survey of Hispanic Literature
SPA 3045 Children's Literature of the Hispanic World
SPA 3120 Golden Age Prose
ENG/SPA 3155 Contemporary Latina Literature
SPA 3190 20th Century Peninsular Literature
SPA 3270 Hispanic Film & Literature
SPA 3310 Latin American Culture and Civilization
SPA 3690 Seminar on Contemporary Hispanic Issues
ENG/SPA 3600 Women’s Voices in Testimonial Narrative                                            

Electives in another field code (3 credits)

e.g. ANT, PSC, HIS, ART, PHR approved by the Spanish Program such as:
ANT 2170, 2185, 2120
ART 2100, 2101
HIS 1500, 1600
PHR 2020
PSC 2030, 2110                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Major in Spanish and Hispanic Studies (36 total credits) 

Minor in Spanish      

(21 credits at 1030 and above, minimum of 6 credits at 3000)