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Students who have completed the requirements will:

  • Utilize theories and concepts from humanities and natural, social and nursing sciences to focus on individuals, families, groups and communities as the recipients of nursing practice
  • Employ the nursing process in any setting to assist with the promotion, restoration, and/or maintenance of optimal health for the client of any age
  • Use evidence-based findings to improve the quality of nursing care provided to the client
  • Apply knowledge and skills of information management and technology in nursing practice
  • Participate in identifying community and societal needs for health care of client systems
  • Provide leadership in defining, implementing and evaluating the nursing practice in the provision of comprehensive health services
  • Collaborate with consumers and colleagues to support necessary changes in overall health behaviors and health care delivery for the improved welfare of society
  • Practice nursing in accordance with legal rights and ethical responsibilities
  • Demonstrate commitment to personal and professional development

Note: Learning goals are subject to regular review and revision.