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Music Curriculum

The music major is designed primarily for those who are interested in a liberal arts program emphasizing musical theory, history, and performance. Private instruction is available in piano and voice. Instruction in other instruments may be arranged.

The music major requires completion of the major core requirements and additional credits in an area of specialization. All music majors must audition for the music faculty on their major instrument before enrolling in advanced private lessons. The Elmira College Music Department reserves the right to limit the number of auditions a student is allowed to attempt. It is highly recommended that all majors take at least one semester of piano.

Core Requirements

MUS 1110: Music Theory I
MUS 1111: Aural Skills I
MUS 1120: Music Theory II
MUS 1121: Aural Skills II
MUS 2010: History and Literature: Ancient to Classical
MUS 2020: History and Literature: Classical to Modern
MUS 3115: Form and Analysis
MUS 3120: Topics in Music History, Literature, Genre (W course)

Specialization in Music Literature/History
Beginning private lessons (major instrument)*

Six credits from
MUS 1050: American Popular Music
MUS 1919: Music in the U.S.
MUS 1940: Jazz Appreciation
MUS 1957: Rock and Roll: A History

MUS 3005: Twentieth Century Music

Elective Music elective at 3000 or above

NOTE: An Independent Study in Music History/Literature is recommended.

Specialization in Performance (Flute, Voice or Piano)
Beginning Private Lessons (major instrument)*
Advanced Private Lessons (major instrument)*
Beginning Private Lessons (secondary instrument)*
MUS 3000: Senior Recital

Specialization in Theory/Composition
Beginning Private Lessons (major instrument)
MUS 3001: Counterpoint
MUS 3004: Advanced Private Composition
MUS 3005: Twentieth Century Music

Music Electives

Applied courses will be selected from
MUS 1002: Beginning Private Flute
MUS 1003: Beginning Private Guitar
MUS 1009: Beginning Private Violin
MUS 1016: Beginning Private Clarinet-Saxophone
MUS 1020: Beginning Private Voice
MUS 1021: Beginning Private Piano
MUS 3002; Advanced Private Flute
MUS 3003: Advanced Private Guitar
MUS 3016: Advanced Private Clarinet-Saxophone
MUS 3020: Advanced Private Voice
MUS 3021: Advanced Private Piano

Applied courses for instruments not listed above are offered on an "ad hoc" basis and may be taken as an Independent Study (subject to availability).

*All applied courses are 1.5 credits each. For the major or minor instruments, they must be repeated in the same instrument (four times for 6 credits, twice for 3 credits). Performance majors may only choose flute, voice or piano as their major instrument.

**All ensemble courses are 1.5 credits each. They may be taken in combination or repeated for credit. Ensemble electives will be selected from:
MUS 1015: Instrumental Ensemble
MUS 1017: Chamber Singers

In addition to the required number of credits needed to complete the major, all students must also fulfill the general degree requirements in order to graduate.