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Finance Course Descriptions

FIN 3010 Corporation Finance     
3 credits
A study of the financial aspects of a business enterprise, initial financial structure, function of different types of financial securities, sources of permanent and temporary funds, financial administration, financial limitation of business operation. Prerequisites: ACC 2021 and MGT 2240. Offered every Terms I and II.

FIN-ECO 3030 Money and Financial Institutions            
3 credits
This course is designed to enable students to have an understanding of financial institutions, money markets, and monetary policy in the United States. A detailed treatment of monetary theory and policy and such technical topics as the term structure of interest rates will be included. Prerequisites: ECO 2010 and ECO 2020. Offered every Terms I and II.

FIN 3150 Financial Modeling         
3 credits
Teaches the methods involved in creating financial models in Excel. Develops students’ spreadsheet skills far beyond a basic level without requiring computer programming skills. Offers practical applications for the theories studied in FIN 3010 Corporation Finance. Students will build analytical skills that can be listed on their resumes. Prerequisite: FIN 3010. Offered Term I.

FIN 3250 Investment Analysis      
3 credits
Begins with a history of the stock market from the seventeenth century to today. Students will conduct their own analysis of a company and its stock. Topics include assessing the risks of the firm, its industry and the stock market, forecasting target price ranges, analyzing stock charts, and assessing the profitability and financial fitness of the firm. Students refine these exercises into individual stock reports that are presented to the class at the end of the semester. Prerequisites: ECO-FIN 3030, FIN 3010, and MAT 2090. Fulfills WRT-Course Requirement. Offered Term II.

FIN 4000 Risk Management           
3 credits
Takes a close look at how the misuse or misunderstanding of risk has brought about financial crises. Covers operational risk, financial risk and model risk. Includes such methods as Value at Risk (VaR) and stress testing. Prerequisites: FIN 3010. Offered Term I.

FIN 4200 Case Problems in Financial Management            
3 credits
A case-study course in which students apply financial theory and knowledge to real-world situations to recommend strategic and tactical decisions to upper management that are practical and address the specific issues the firm is facing. Prerequisite: FIN 3010. Offered Term II.