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Educational Studies Curriculum

A major in Educational Studies requires the completion of one of the academic majors approved for teacher certification or in the case of Childhood Education, either an approved maor or an approved academic concentration. Students must also complete the professional Education courses in one of the certification areas (e.g., Childhood) as listed below. Included in the professional courses is a 6 credit hour internship. The Education Department in conjunction with Career Services will determine appropriateness of the 6 credit hour internship. Guidelines for Career Related Internships will be used.

Required Courses

PSY 1010: Introductory Psychology
EDU 1010: Foundations of Education
EDU 1920: Introductory Fieldwork and Seminar in Education
PSY 2060: Child and Adolescent Psychology
EDU 2020: Teaching Students With Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom

One of the following
EDU 3335: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Childhood Education: Social Studies and the Arts (W course)
EDU 3336: Curriculum Design and Instruction: Middle Childhood Education (W course)
EDU 3337: Curriculum Design and Instruction: Adolescence Education (W course)

EDU 3338 Curriculum Design and Instruction: Visual Arts (W course)

One of the following 6 credit literacy options
EDU 3345: Literacy Acquisition and Development for Preschool and Elementary School Learners
EDU 3365 Teaching Literacy in the Elementary Schools
EDU 3347 Content Area Literacy in the Middle Schools
EDU 3367 Content Area Literacy in the Secondary Schools

One of the following Methodologies of Teaching courses
EDU 3355 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Childhood Education: Mathematics, Science and Technology
EDU 3356 Methodologies of Teaching: Middle Childhood Education
EDU 3357 Methodologies of Teaching: Adolescence Education
EDU 3358 Methodologies of Teaching: Visual Arts

FEX 4510 Career Related Internship

NOTE: ENG 1000, ENG 1050, and ENG 1051 are excluded from the elective courses.

In addition to the required number of credits needed to complete the major, all students must also fulfill the general degree requirements in order to graduate.