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Adolescence Education (Grades Seven Through Twelve)

Elmira College’s Adolescence Education certification program is designed for candidates who wish to teach a specific content area to secondary school learners. This program helps candidates develop the content knowledge, teaching skills, and personal qualities needed to promote and support student learning in high school classrooms.

Candidates enrolled in the Adolescence Education program select one of six approved academic content majors. Additionally, candidates complete the Teacher Education (pedagogical core) requirements, including a freshman-level (first-year) Fieldwork course where they work with diverse learners (including students with disabilities) in area high-need schools. During two subsequent Student Teaching experiences, candidates develop and deliver compelling lessons, assess students’ academic performance, reflect on their teaching decisions, and seek opportunities for professional development and growth.

Upon completion of all program requirements and New York State teacher certification exams, Adolescence Education candidates are eligible for institutional recommendation for New York State initial teaching certification in their content area (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Mathematics, Social Studies, or Spanish) in grades 7 through 12.