Clinical Laboratory Science Learning Outcomes

Students will gain a broad background in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Coupled with depth in the biological, and chemical sciences they will increase their comprehensive knowledge and abilities. The Clinical Laboratory Sciences 3+1 major requires that students will go on to specialize as laboratory scientists in a clinical professional program. However, their education at Elmira College affords students the opportunity gain experience with a wide range of biological disciplines and to explore career possibilities.

Students majoring in clinical laboratory sciences will:

  1. Think critically and analyze problems using their scientific background.
  2. Write and speak at a professional level.
  3. Read and understand the primary and secondary literature in the field.
  4. Design and carry out laboratory and field studies.
  5. Acquire proficiency with a broad range of techniques and equipment.
  6. Be prepared for advanced studies in clinical professional programs or graduate study in biology or the sciences.

Note: Learning goals are subject to regular review and revision.

Visit the College Bulletin for a full listing of clinical laboratory courses and descriptions. 

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