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Clinical Laboratory Science Curriculum

Required Courses
BIO 1020: Biological Concepts I
BIO 1022: Biological Concepts II
BIO 2010: Comparative Anatomy
BIO 3050: Microbiology
BIO 3055: Molecular Biology (W course)
BIO 3060: Animal Physiology
BIO 3590: Biology Junior Seminar (Term I)
BIO 4596: Colloquium in Clinical Laboratory Science (Term II)
CHE 1505: General Chemistry I
CHE 1505L: General Chemistry I Lab
CHE 1515: General Chemistry II
CHE1515L: General Chemistry II Lab
CHE 2010: Organic Chemistry I
CHE 2010L: Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHE 2020: Organic Chemistry II
CHE 2020L: Organic Chemistry II Lab
MAT 2090: Statistical Methods

At least one additional course from the following:
Cell-Molecular Group:
BIO 3042: Fundamentals of Biochemistry
BIO 3080: Cell Biology (W course)
BIO 3110: Genetics (W course)
BIO 3150: The Biology of Cancer
BIO 3250: Fundamentals of Clinical Immunology
BIO 3500: Developmental Biology
CHE 3042: Biochemistry (W course)

Senior year or post graduation hospital clinical training program is required.

In addition, students considering other professional programs or graduate school are encouraged to take calculus, physics, and other possible electives that suit their future needs. See the program advisor for details.

Senior year or post-graduation hospital clinical training program is required to practice in the profession . The comple­tion of the clinical training program is a specific degree requirement of the Clinical Laboratory Science Profession. Students choosing the 3 + 1 program option and successfully completing the Clinical Training Program will receive a waiver for the Career-Related Experience general degree requirement.

Full informa­tion on the CLS major and its administration can be obtained by contacting the program advisor Dr. Christine Bezotte, Clinical Laboratory Science program advisor, Kolker Hall, room 205, (607) 735-1852.

In addition to the required number of credits needed to complete the major, all students must also fulfill the general degree requirements in order to graduate.