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Classical Studies Curriculum

This interdisciplinary major comprises a core of study in ancient art, classical languages, history, literature, and philosophy, as well as elective courses in these areas which provides a comprehensive view of Greco-Roman culture and its impact on contemporary life and letters. Study in Italy or Greece during the junior year is recommended. The Classical Studies major is excellent preparation for careers in teaching, law, writing and archaeology.

Core Requirements
Any three courses in Greek (GRK) and/or Latin (LAT):

LAL 1010: Classical Mythology
LAL 1020: Classical Literature
ENG-LAL 1104: Foundations of Literature: Ancient, Classical and Biblical
PHR 2010: History of Philosophy I

HIS 2501: Ancient Greece
HIS 2052: Ancient Rome

Electives 18 credits of electives, including 12 of which that must be at the 3000 level or above, selected from

ARC 1900: Introduction to Archaeology
ARC-ART 3175: Greek Art and Archaeology (W course)
ARC 3950: Advanced Research Methods in Archaeology
ART 2100: Intro to Art History: Prehistoric to Gothic
ART 3111: Ancient Art (W course)
ART 3125: Roman Art (W course)
GRK 2010: Socratic Dialogues
HIS 2100: Ancient Near East
HIS 2501: Ancient Greece
HIS 2502: Ancient Rome
HIS 3501: Greek Historians (W course)
HIS 3502: Historians of Ancient Rome (W course)
Any Latin course at 3000 level or above

In addition to the required number of credits needed to complete the major, all students must also fulfill the general degree requirements in order to graduate.