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Classical Studies

Classical Studies

This interdisciplinary major comprises a core of study in ancient and classical art, classical languages of Greek and Latin, ancient history of the Mediterranean region, classical literature, and philosophy, as well as elective courses in these areas in order to provide a comprehensive view of Greco-Roman culture and its impact on contemporary life and letters. Study in Italy or Greece during the junior year is encouraged. The Classical Studies major is excellent preparation for careers in teaching, law, writing and archaeology. Term III provides students the opportunity to travel to Italy, Greece, Turkey, and/or Egypt for 4 weeks with the professor.

A few course highlights:

Classical Mythology
Study of the chief myths of ancient Greece and Rome, including tales of creation, trans¬formation, and heroic exploits. Attention is given to parallel myths from other cultures and to the influence of classical myths upon history, religion, and the fine arts.

Classical Archaeology
A study of the artistic and archaeological record of Greece and Rome and their forebears in the Mediterranean world.

Introduction to Archaeology
An introduction to the study of archaeology in Term III through classroom instruction and excavation at Quarry Farm. The class studies a variety of archaeology theories and the application of theory through the examination of the archaeological remains of various cultures, including archaeological remains in New York State.

Ancient Rome
An examination of Rome’s varied inheritance from her Mediterranean contemporaries and of her unique contribution to human culture. The Roman political experience is stressed.

Note: in alternate years, students work at the Mark Twain site in Elmira at Quarry Farm or travel to classical sites in Greece, Italy, or Egypt.