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Business Administration Curriculum

Students working toward a baccalaureate degree in business administration complete a series of core requirements which provides a strong grounding in the various areas of business studies and then can choose the Generalist Track or a specialization in:
International Business
Management Accounting (Non-CPA Option)

Graduates in this major are well prepared for a variety of careers in business or for graduate studies in business. Students interested in pursuing an MBA may do so through Elmira College's 4+1 MBA program with Alfred University, Clarkson University and Union College.

Common Curriculum and Business Administration

Core Requirements
ACC 2010: Financial Accounting
ACC 2021: Managerial Accounting
ECO 2010: Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 202:0 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO/FIN 3030: Money and Financial Institutions
FIN 3010: Corporation Finance
MAT 2090: Statistical Methods
MGT 2010: Business Law I
MGT 2240: Principles of Management
MIS 3010: Introduction to Management Information Systems
MKT 2250: Principles of Marketing

Choose from two options to complete Business Administration major

Generalist Track

Complete 15 elective credits chosen from courses with the field codes: ACC, ECO, FIN, MGT, MIS, MKT or MAT (up to 6 credits, all of which must be above the level of MAT 1030). Also, complete at least 9 credits at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Complete one of the following specializations

Specialization in International Business
ECO 3200: International Trade and Finance 3.0
ECO 3140: Development Economics (W course)
ECO 4000: Contemporary Issues in International Economic Policy
MGT 4005: Seminar in International Business
MKT 3800: International Marketing (W course)
PSC 1020: International Relations

Students must demonstrate a proficiency in a foreign language either by completion of two foreign language courses at the 3000 level or above or by completion of an equivalency examination.

International Business (BAIB) Internships
The completion of an internship (not to be confused with the Career Related Field Experience) is a specific degree requirement of the BAIB Specialization. Full information on the internship program, and how it is administered, can be obtained from the International Business Internships Committee, chaired by the Corning Glass Professor of International Business, whom students are encouraged to contact during their sophomore year. BAIB internships are usually undertaken at the end of the student’s junior year.

The successful completion of the internship will result in the award of 6 credits and a waiver of the Career Related Field Experience requirement.

Students not selected for internships, or who do not successfully complete them, can complete one of the other Business Administration specializations or proceed to and S.B. in Individualized Studies.

Specialization in Management

Required Courses
MGT 3410: Operations Planning and Control
MGT 3720: Human Resource Management
MGT 4011: Strategic Management (W course)
Six credit hours of approved electives

ECO 3040: Intermediate Microeconomics
ECO 3041: Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO 3300: Industrial Organization

Specialization in Management Accounting (Non-CPA Option)

Required Courses
ACC 3540: Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 3541: Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 3610: Cost Accounting


Option A
ACC 3910: Accountant as Whistleblowers
ACC 4740: Auditing (W Course)


Option B*
ACC 3730: Tax Accounting I
ACC 3735: Tax Accounting II


Option C*
ACC 3755: Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting
ACC 4550 Advanced Accounting

*Students completeing Option B or Option C must also complete a W course.

Specialization in Marketing

MKT 3250: Consumer Behavior (W course) 3.0
MKT 3810: Marketing Research 3.0
MKT 4000: Marketing Planning 3.0

Electives Six credits of MKT field code at the 2000 level or higher

NOTE: It is recommended that students intending to pursue a graduate degree in business complete at least one course in Calculus.

In addition to the required number of credits needed to complete the major, all students must also fulfill the general degree requirements in order to graduate.