Career Skills and Research


How do you find out what’s out there? Researching careers is a time-consuming, but necessary process. Waiting until graduation to start thinking about your career plans is as absurd as studying after you’ve taken your final exams.

SKILLS/ABILITIES (that are essential for all art majors):

Suggestions to Enhance Your Skills:


Field experience is as critical as working in the studio. Field experience entails learning to network, talk to professionals and in the process gain insight, information and confidence. It is important to be part of a community and job market in order to understand the mechanisms at hand. Learning the ropes of the art market is invaluable. Internships provide excellent networking opportunities for studio arts majors who wish to observe and experience the real world of a studio artist. It is critical to spend time in the larger arena of the professional art world. It is imperative to establish the proper relationships with people in the industry who might be able to facilitate your inclusion, productivity and success. As a point of information, a Term III course “Making Art in NYC” aka “PROJECT DUMBO” taught by Professor Marc Dennis satisfies and potentially exceeds this need. Please continue reading below for information on this unique course. And feel free to contact Professor Dennis for more information on this course.