Career Opportunities

Faculty and in some cases, administrators may be in a position to help you set your own professional goals. Art majors may become doctors, diplomats, chefs, and social workers but when sticking to one’s creative goals, desires, and dreams art majors also become professional artists, successful illustrators, fashion designers, graphic designers, teachers, etc!) A fantastic website that provides both general and personal information regarding career opportunities in the creative disciplines is:
Please check it out.

Whether you are considering future possibilities, switching majors, or looking for a new path, consider your career options with respect to a particular major before making decisions. A successful career in any discipline requires first and foremost a sincere and dedicated interest in that chosen field. One needs drive, ambition and passion in order to achieve one’s fullest potential. If you are interested in the arts or any form of creative endeavor as a career and if you possess artistic talent, or have always just been interested in the fine or visual arts, below is a list of careers for anyone who wants to put their creative talents to use:

Media & Commercial Arts - The following careers are possibilities for anyone who is interested in digital art, graphics, and using technology (computer, scanners, cameras, editing software) to create art:

Arts Management - The following careers are geared toward anyone interested in the business side of the visual arts, including museums, restoration, organizations and firms:

Fine Arts - The following visual arts careers are for those who simply create fine art on their own, usually working in their private studios, with the goal of exhibition and sale of their work:

Performing Arts - The following careers are possibilities for anyone interested in theater or film work, either in front of or behind the camera, on stage or behind the curtains:

Art Trades - The following visual arts careers are jobs in which one can make a solid living, after learning the specific skills of the trade -

Editorial Art - The following visual art job positions are similar to the careers in the Media Arts. In the Editorial Art field, however, these artists either write about art for print, or are given assignments to work for print production:

Professional Arts - The following careers are for anyone who wants to work as a licensed professional within the arts:

Design Arts - Love design more than Fine Art? These careers are possibilities for anyone who is interested in design work: