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Preparation for a Lifetime

The legacy of academic excellence at Elmira College runs deep with a heritage and culture that have been forward-thinking from day one, as the first college for women with a course study equivalent to men's. This heritage is why we are one of 268 colleges that hold a prestigious Phi Kappa Beta Chapter. Today, we bring together a liberal arts education with professional programs that balance the emotional with the practical while shaping critical-thinking skills and a broad view of the world. All of this, partnered with hands-on learning, guest lecturers, internships and study abroad opportunities will equip you with the targeted tools and skills you need to succeed in the professional world.


The Elmira Approach

At Elmira College, we believe the world is waiting for you and that you have the opportunity to make it what you want. As you set out to find your place in the world, start by finding your place at Elmira College. Immerse yourself in everything our college has to offer. Choose a course of study that matches your career interest and layer on classes and experiences that will stretch you and prepare you for the complexities and challenges you will face in the world. We invite you to be actively involved in planning your development while relying on our staff and faculty to help guide and support you along the way.

Step Into Our Classroom

Male student in an Elmira College shirt exits a classroom building with three other students.

Get Off to a Great Start

Your first year at college can be exciting but also intimidating. A new world of opportunities is available to you and it may be hard to know where to begin. Elmira College's First-Year Seminar, which is the foundational course in the liberal arts and sciences for entering first-year students, will help give you a structured taste of the topics you can explore while developing the critical-thinking and leadership skills you will use to tackle complex issues.

Community Engagement

Proud of its history and tradition, Elmira College is committed to the ideals of community service. We encourage you to go beyond the excitement of campus life and find enriching volunteer experiences that will deepen your connections, strengthen your friendships and leave a lasting impact on the community.

A group of Elmira students helps with a Habitat for Humanity house.
Three students at Elmira College walk past one of our iconic buildings.

Living Learning Communitites

As part of the College's focus on community engagement, entering first-year students are invited to join a Living Learning Community. These are small groups of students, interested in common themes, living in the same residence hall and taking similar classes. They enable students to connect with peers engaged in asking similar questions and seeking similar solutions. Students within a Living Learning Community will complete their First Year, First Service community service event and other activities together. The Living Learning Community becomes a place where you can find your people at Elmira College.

Term III

During six very special weeks in April and May, Elmira College students get to explore Term III. This unique session allows you to choose an immersive and intensive experience through the college. You can choose to travel internationally, study the sea or try your hand at field biology. Whatever you chose, this term will build lasting memories that will prepare you for wherever you go in the world.

An Elmira student floats in the water with snorkel and starfish during Term III.

Explore Academics at Elmira

Now that you know a little bit of our academic history, focus on liberal arts and commitment to excellence, it’s time to dig deeper. Elmira offers a wide variety of majors, including chemistry, biology, criminal justice, accounting, childhood education, math and nursing. Find your passion.