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Interactive Medicine: Cells Alive!

Students choosing this course will have the opportunity to grow and work with live cells and experimentally determine what factors can affect them and how. This unique opportunity will teach you the tecniques of how to culture cells, and how to use biotechnology to identify and characterize cell structures and functions. Working in teams with faculty and undergraduate scientists, you will discover the characteristics of typical mammalian cells, then design and conduct experiments to investigate cellular components and properties.

Dr. Christine Bezotte is the Associate Professor of Biology and also serves as the Chair of the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. She is also the Academic Coordinator for the SEE EC program. Dr. Bezotte's areas of research and scholarship include Cell and Molecular Biology, Cancer Biology, and Microbiology. Two of the research projects currently in her lab are the use of natural chemical control of cancer cell growth and using photoactivated chemicals in the control of bacterial infections. She has mentored many undergraduates whose successful research has been published and presented at professional conferences. She is also very active in promoting the scholarship of successful teaching methodology, receiving distinguished teaching awards, and contributing to peer-reviewed publications. You can see more of her and her students work at http://

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