Empowering Relationships Project

Elmira College is seeking Indigenous (Native American) college students interested in becoming teachers (grades 1-12). Must be eligible to transfer into Elmira College’s teacher education program for junior and senior level coursework for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years. The goals for participants are to:

  1. Successfully complete junior and senior level coursework, including student teaching, to receive their bachelor’s degree with the Class of 2019 in Childhood Education (grades 1-6), Adolescence Education (grades 7-12), or Childhood Special Education.
  2. Successfully pass the New York State Teacher Certification examinations.
  3. Acquire New York State Teacher Certification licensure.
  4. Secure a teaching position in a school that serves Native American students.

Who qualifies as “Indigenous”? Eligible students are defined as “Indian” by the U.S. Department of Education includes the following:

  1. A member of an Indian tribe or band, as membership is defined by the Indian tribe or band, and any tribe or band recognized by the State in which the tribe or band resides;
  2. A descendant of a parent or grandparent who meets the requirements described in paragraph (1) of this definition;
  3. An Eskimo, Aleut, or other Alaska Native

Additional qualification from Elmira College:

  1. Meet the GPA requirements set at the following: 2.5 on a 4 point scale.

The Empowering Relationships Project (ERP) will provide the following financial support for the teacher education students:

  1. Full tuition at Elmira College for two academic years.  This includes a travel course to visit schools that model exemplary Indigenous education. Possible sites to visit include schools in Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, and/or New Zealand.
  2. Full room and board costs for two academic years (preference will be given to students who will live on campus, but others may apply and will be considered)
  3. Monthly stipend
  4. Laptop computer
  5. All New York State Teacher Certification fees including: Certification examination, fingerprinting, required workshop, and initial certification title fees.

The Empowering Relationship Project aims to train and place Highly Qualified Indigenous Teachers within schools that serve Indigenous students. This project is funded by a U.S. Federal Demonstration Grant for Professional Development.