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Graduate Programs

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Master of Science Degrees in Management

Master of Science Degree in Education

Non-Degree Programs, and Advanced Certificates

Our programs of graduate study provide an array of full or part-time options leading to a Master of Science degrees and Advanced Certificates. We also offer abundant opportunities for people interested in satisfying long-held curiosities as well as growing personally and professionally.

Graduate Assistantships

There are ten-month and twelve-month Graduate Assistantship positions. Most ten-month positions start in August, and most twelve-month positions start in June or July. this package will permit you to complete a Master's Degree in Education or Management during the two years that we ask each Graduate Assistant to commit to the College. These positions include tuition benefits as well as room, board, insurance, and a monthly stipend. Assistantships are granted based on required interviewing, auditions, transcripts and letters of reference from a completed undergraduate degree. For more information regarding Graduate Assistantships, please see Employment Opportunities or contact our Personnel Office at or (607) 735-1810.

To make our programs as convenient as possible, we offer courses in the evenings and on weekends.

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