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Elmira College offers two Master of Science in Management degrees. Each degree is performance-based and designed to develop the essential knowledge and skill competencies for managers. Students matriculated in these programs must complete 21 credits of required core curriculum. The core courses develop broad-based competencies. Students may choose from either of the disciplines specifically designed for an area of management specialty. To earn the Master of Science degree, the student is required to satisfactorily complete the core course requirements as well as 15 credits of coursework unique to one of the areas of management. Each degree consists of 36 required credits. One unique benefit of these programs is the synergy between disciplines. Throughout the program, students pursuing different degrees have the opportunity to study and learn together. The capstone graduate seminar is an opportunity to integrate and synthesize learning acquired during the program.

The scope and sequence of the M.S. in Management programs facilitates completion within a 15 month or a two year time frame. For more information, please contact

Unique Capstone Experience

Students enroll in the capstone graduate seminar which provides the opportunity to employ the skills learned throughout their program of study to develop a capstone project relevant to professional practice. As a synthesis of graduate level coursework, candidates will demonstrate mastery of content and present their proposed project to colleagues and relevant stakeholders. Capstone projects are designed to demonstrate critical thinking skills and problem solving ability within a collaborative paradigm of management.

Graduate Advanced Certificates

Each specialty is available as a Graduate Advanced Certificate. The advanced certificates provide a pathway for individuals possessing a baccalaureate or advanced degree and desiring the subject matter expertise in one or more of the four specialty areas.