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Please see our Graduate Admissions page for more information on admission requirements for Advanced Certificates.

Graduate Advanced Certificates in Management

Each certificate provides a pathway of expertise in a specialty area of management. The courses are commonly applied to a Master of Science degree in Management. A certificate will be awarded to students who successfully complete all 15 credits with a minimum of a 3.000 grade point average. All courses must be completed within a seven-year period.

General Management HEGIS 0506

MGT 5025 Business Ethics 3 credits
MGT 5030 The Legal Environment of Business 3 credits
MGT 5035 Managerial Economics 3 credits
MGT 5040 Marketing Management 3 credits
MGT 5045 Organizational Behavior 3 credits
Total 15 credits

Health Services Management HEGIS 1202

HSM 5000 The American Healthcare Systems 3 credits
HSM 5005 Healthcare Finance 3 credits
HSM 5010 Epidemiology 3 credits
HSM 5015 Healthcare: Legal and Ethical Issues 3 credits
HSM 5020 Policy and Decision Making 3 credits
Total 15 credits