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Course Schedules

Course schedules are available online through MyEC.  A login is not required to search and view the course schedules. Simply click the "Course Search" icon near the bottom of the MyEC page.

Registration for degree-seeking, EC students is available on-line through the MyEC Student Portal Registration.  Instructions are available on the portal. Continuing and returning Elmira College students will register on specific dates according to credit hours earned. Part-time and Graduate students will be billed after registration (instead of at the time of registration). All Part-time and Graduate students must also complete a Payment Declaration Form (see below) for each semester they are registering for and submit this to the Elmira College Business Office within seven (7) days of registration. Degree-seeking, EC students must have an advisor appointment (in person, by phone, by email) prior to registration. 

Registration for students who wish to take a course or two and/or are not seeking a degree should be completed with the Registration Form and Payment Declaration Form for the semester they are registering for (see below).  Non-degree students should not register through the MyEC Student Portal.

Please use the MyEC Student Portal for the most up-to-date schedule. Call the Office of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies at 607-735-1825 for assistance or an advising appointment.

Commencement 2018

Students intending to graduate in 2017-2018, must have submitted an Application for Graduation.
For those graduating in January 2018, submit the form by October 1, 2017.  For those graduating in June 2018, submit the form by November 3, 2017.



Previous Academic Years:

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