Literacy: Birth to Grade 12

The Literacy: Birth to Grade 12 graduate program is designed for individuals who possess or have recently applied for initial certification in any content area. Upon completion of the program and applicable New York State Education Department requirements, students apply on their own for professional certification in their content area and are institutionally recommended by Elmira College for New York State initial and professional certification in Literacy. 

Required Core Courses:
EDU 5900  Principles of Educational Research 
RDG 5047  Theory to Practice: Teaching Literacy in a Diverse Society
EDU 5330  Instructional Design for the Inclusive Classroom

One of the following:
RDG 5999  Thesis
RDG 6000  Graduate Seminar in Literacy

Literacy Specialization Courses:
RDG 5350  Principles of Literacy Assessment and Intervention (Birth through Grade 12)
RDG 5300  Adolescent Literacy
RDG 5010  Perspectives of Literacy Acquisition 
RDG 5430  Principles of Literacy Leadership
RDG 5400  Graduate Literacy Practicum I: Early Childhood and Childhood
RDG 5410  Graduate Literacy Practicum II: Midlevel and Adolescence

Total credit hours = 30-33 credits

For additional information regarding this program, please contact Mr. Andrew Stage, Director of Advising for Continuing Education and Graduate Studies, at (607) 735-1825 or

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