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Accommodations are utilized in order to provide students with documented disabilities equal access to their education.  Students that have eligibility documentation on file with Elmira College’s Office of Disability Services can be approved for a variety of appropriate accommodations.  Accommodations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are matched to the individual student’s identified needs.

Alternate Text Format
Audio versions of textbooks can be requested through the Office of Disability Services.  Students with an identified visual impairment or learning disability can request an alternate text format.  Each request is subject to availability based on the textbook publishing company. 

Audio Record Lectures
Digital recording devices can be used by students to support their acquisition of material during lectures.  Students are encouraged to discuss the options for recording the lectures with their professors before doing such an activity.  Students must purchase and maintain their own recording device.

Students can be accommodated with approved break periods during long class sessions or testing situations.

Extended Test Time

Extended test time on quizzes, test, and exams can be provided to students.  Interval amounts for extended time are 1.5x or 2x the standard administration.  For example, a standard administration of 60 minutes on an exam would be extended to 90 minutes for a student with the 1.5x extended time accommodation.  The same exam would be extended to 120 minutes for a student with the 2x extended time accommodation.

Sign language interprets can be requested for a student that is deaf or hard of hearing.  Elmira College will arrange interpreting services when a formal written request is submitted.  (See Disabilities Services Policy and Forms for additional details.)

Peer Note Takers
Students can request peer note takers for their classes.  The Tutoring Center, in conjunction with the Office of Disability Services, obtains peer note takers.  Note takers are not always available for each class, however best efforts are put into finding a note taker for each request submitted.

Preferential Seating
Preferential seating provides students a location in the classroom that is most conducive to their individual learning.  Arrangements for preferential seating should be coordinated between the student and instructor.

Readers for Exams
Students can be provided opportunities to have directions and/or test questions read aloud and repeated to them.  Restating and rephrasing of exam questions can also be provided when deemed appropriate.  Reading and rephrasing exam materials is done only at the request of the individual student. 

Scribe for Tests
Students with a disability that may impede his or her ability to write may require a scribe.  The student dictating to the scribe must identify correct spelling, grammar, punctuation marks, paragraph formation, and editing notations.  The scribe is responsible for transcribing the exact information from the student as it is dictated.  Final edited results will then be typed by the scribe.

Testing Location with Minimal Distractions
Exam proctoring is conducted in small individual study rooms in the Gannett-Tripp Library.  Students registered with the Office of Disability Services must request that the testing accommodations be provided for each individual exam. The study rooms provide an environment of minimal auditory and visual stimuli.  White noise machines and headphones are also available upon request.

Use of Technology
Students have opportunities to be provided accommodations like: a laptop computer for in-class note taking and essay writing (laptop provided by the student), use of a digital thesaurus and spell-checker for in-class assignments, and use of a calculator for in-class assignments.

In addition, the Office of Disability Services has the following resources available on a limited-reserve-loan basis: full-page colored overlays, magnifying glasses, reading lights, and FM System (Oticon Amigo).