Elmira, Twain, and “The Greatest Showman”

January 03 2018
Category: Twain

P.T. Barnum   Mark Twain

Over the holidays, you may have headed to the movie theatre to see “The Greatest Showman,” a film about the life and legend of P.T. Barnum. 

Barnum and his circus-style show stopped in Elmira, New York, several times between 1870 and 1896. More recently, in honor of the new film, the Elmira College Center for Mark Twain Studies compared and analyzed the relationship between this Greatest Showman and Mark Twain, or “The World’s Greatest Laughmaker.”

The two celebrities enjoyed fame during the Gilded Age, and shared a certain kinship filled with both disgust and admiration.

Read more about the relationship between Twain and P.T. Barnum through the Center for Mark Twain Studies website.