Twin Tiers Ties Expo Moves to New Date

January 03 2018
Category: Events

Thursday, March 8, 2018 marks the date of the second Twin Tier Ties Community Expo at First Arena in Elmira, N.Y. This event, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., celebrates the business and community organizations of the Southern Tier region of New York and Northern Tier region of Pennsylvania that form the Twin Tiers. Local businesses and organizations will be showcasing their products and services together with panels of experts and professionals in the area.

The Twin Tier Ties Community Expo is an event focused on discovering, learning, and networking between area communities and local businesses. During the Twin Tier Ties Community Expo, there will be multiple seminars led by professionals and experts in the Twin Tiers on topics of development, industries, social media, and nonprofit organizations. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the region and meet with local experts on a wide variety of subjects throughout the event.


This Expo will be an opportunity for networking between businesses and community members. Its scope is community-wide, so it will feature a diverse range of businesses and organizations addressing any interest that visitors may have. It also represents an opportunity for businesses to promote themselves to potential customers in the community.

The Twin Tier Ties Community Expo is organized and run by the Elmira College Enactus Team. The Enactus organization unites thousands of entrepreneurial students who create projects and events to help their communities and strive toward sustainability. Olivia Cacchione ’19 and Corrie Mace ’19, juniors at Elmira College and directors of the Expo, are excited to promote this event that showcases and celebrates the businesses and organizations of this area.

The Elmira College Enactus Team has long supported the local community through projects such as the Campbell’s Let’s Can Hunger Challenge, which raises hunger awareness and holds fundraisers for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. Elmira College Enactus is proud to support both the Food Bank of the Southern Tier as well as the Economic Opportunity Program Inc. through their partnerships in the 2018 Twin Tier Ties Expo. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to these organizations.

The Elmira College Enactus projects are presented at the Enactus Regional Competition, held at the end of each academic year. Elmira College Enactus has been regional champion and a national competitor multiple years in a row, competing against thousands of students from 36 countries around the world. Alongside donating to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier and the Economic Opportunity Program Inc., additional funds raised by the Twin Tier Ties Community Expo go directly to the Elmira College Enactus Team’s funding for the regional competition and for Enactus community projects in the Twin Tiers.

Please visit or email for more information on how to secure your booth at the 2018 Twin Tier Ties Community Expo. For more information about Elmira College Enactus, please visit Thank you for supporting local businesses!