Professor John Kelly Premiering Play in Washington, D.C.

November 09 2017
Category: The Arts

Professor John Kelly

A play by Elmira College professor and local playwright, John J. Kelly, was selected for inclusion in “One Year Later: Civic Engagement in the Era of Trump,” a presentation of the Federal Theatre Project.

The play, titled “Lovely Young Children,” will premiere, Friday November 10, in Washington D.C.

“Lovely Young Children,” concerns two individuals, undefined as to any relationship, who discuss the one person’s staging – in public - of the bodies of youths whose lives were lost due to the opioid epidemic.

The work is unique in that it was specifically created to permit an infinite variety of relationships between the two characters presented. Neither is right or wrong, strong or weak, dominant or subordinate. In this way, the play seeks to encourage complete examination of the topic as presented.

The Federal Theatre Project exists to bring theatre to underserved populations within the Washington, D.C. area. Productions focus primarily on American governance, the political process within America. The Federal Theatre Project is non-partisan in its offerings, striving to foster a sense of civic engagement, not a particular agenda. It seeks to remove the mystery from politics while engaging younger audiences in the political process.