What To Do Wednesday: Campus Activities Board

November 15 2017
Category: Campus Life

This week's #WhatToDoWednesday is the Elmira College Campus Activities Board.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) and the Big Events Committee, a group of CAB students, worked to bring the sweet sounds of Mike Stud and Jesse McCartney to the First Arena last Friday night.

Jesse McCartney  CAB

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the student club to join if you are interested in contributing to the liveliness of campus life. This organization is affiliated with the Elmira College Office of Student Activities and strives to bring exciting new events to campus each week. 

Some past events include various do-it-yourself activities, movie nights, bingo, and karaoke. One event that was a huge success was last year’s Glow Campus, a concert where gallons of glowing paint were sprayed into the audience. CAB helps ensure there is always something for Elmira College students to do.

Jeremy Boorum ’20, president of Campus Activities Board, said, “You name it, we bring it! As the main student body for planning and organizing events, we are always looking for feedback from any student on campus. If you have ideas, you are encouraged to share the ideas.”

Interested in joining the team? Contact CAB at cab@elmira.edu for more details and check out their Facebook page, Elmira College CAB.