Scholarship Aiding Nursing Student Success

October 18 2017
Category: Academics

As the shortage of nurses in the United States continues, Elmira College and the Corning Incorporated Foundation are offering a solution to this need for nurses.

This year, four students were awarded the Elmira College - Corning Incorporated Foundation Nursing Scholarship: Stephanie Corbin ’20, Kathleen McAlinn ’20, Samantha Martone ’20, and Bobette March ’21. For these students, the scholarship helps aid them in their journey to beginning a career in nursing.

After watching her grandfather suffer from complications during surgery, Stephanie Corbin ’20, became inspired by a nursing career. Stephanie found that her education at Elmira College has blossomed from the foundation she received at Corning Community College. “The scholarship definitely helps me, it shows my improvement from Corning to here and how much I strived to do my best at Corning. Now that I'm here, I am advancing my career working towards a bachelor's degree in nursing, helping me move forward to becoming a nurse practitioner later on in life.”

“Elmira has been a wonderful experience; here they really help you strive for your goals and they have just made this the best experience of my life,“ said Stephanie. 

Another student, Bobette March ’21, chose to pursue a career in nursing due to her passion for caring about others and their well-being. This scholarship helps Bobette with the financial burden that an education can place on a person and allows her to focus on what matters most to her. 


The Elmira College - Corning Incorporated Foundation Nursing Scholarship is available to graduates of Corning Community College who have earned an associate’s degree in any major within the last five years and are pursuing a bachelor's degree in nursing at Elmira College.  

Click here for more information about this scholarship opportunity, or contact Admissions at or (607) 735-1724.