Alumna Essay Featured in The Oswald Review

October 03 2017
Category: Alumni

An essay written by recently minted alumna, Diandra Alvarado ’17, is now published in The Oswald Review, an international journal of undergraduate research and criticism. 

In the essay titled, “The Monstrosity of Language,” Alvarado traces how John Milton’s poem, Paradise Lost, corrupts the central characters of Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein. Intensely isolated from other social and educational experiences, the Monster and his creator, Victor Frankenstein, depend on literature to explain society and their relationship to it.

Alvarado, an English literature major, initially wrote the paper in as part of her senior English seminar, and then revised it for The Oswald Review

Dr. Matt Seybold, Assistant Professor of American Literature and Mark Twain Studies, who led the seminar and sponsored Alvarado’s submission, said “Diandra’s essay is a careful, compelling close reading of a highly canonical novel which engages a rich body of existing criticism on Frankenstein and complex theories of reception and interpretation. It’s an ambitious argument, well executed.”

Click here to read Diandra’s essay.