A New Generation of Legacies

September 07 2017
Category: Alumni

As we welcomed the Class of 2021 to campus this past weekend we welcomed new faces and familiar ones. For eight students and their family members, choosing Elmira College has strengthened their bond to one another as this year's class members continue the family legacy as Elmira College students.

Kassi Hastings ’21, who follows both her sister, Karina Hastings ’19, and her mother, Kara Hastings ’90, at Elmira College, talks about following in their footsteps, “I’m glad that they both went here, I like that my sister is going to be on campus so that she can help me out when I need it. I like how familiar it is already, how comfortable it is.”

“I love having both of them choose Elmira as their college experience. I have a lot of great memories myself and I have a great education and I hope for the best for both of them,” said Elmira proud parent, Kara Hastings ’90.

In addition to carrying on their family legacy of attending Elmira College, Hastings plans to study mathematics education following her mother, a mathematics education major, and her sister, a mathematics major. 

For one recent graduate coming back to campus as her sister continues on her legacy has been a wonderful experience. 

“Being a recent graduate and seeing my sister come to Elmira is amazing. It's great seeing all of the changes in just two years from when I graduated, but I love how they kept traditions alive,” says Alexandra Dunham ’14, M.S. ’16.

During her time at Elmira, Dunham was involved in cheerleading, eventually taking a position as an assistant coach for the team while working toward completing her master's degree in 2016. Her sister, Victoria Dunham ’21, shares her sister’s Elmira College spirit, joining the cheerleading team as well.

“When she came here I would come visit often. I like how familiar I am with this school and how welcoming the school is. I love the campus and all of the traditions that come with it,” Victoria reflects on how her sister's experiences helped her make her decision to attend Elmira College. 

The legacies of the “Unsurpassed Class of 2021” join their family members in sharing their love of Elmira College. For some this love is generations deep, and for others their legacy is just beginning. We welcome these legacies as they carry on Elmira College's traditions and family traditions as well.