Five Things to Make Your EC Experience Truly Unsurpassed

September 27 2017
Category: Campus Life

At the beginning of this month, Elmira College welcomed the Unsurpassed Class of 2021. As students continue to settle into college life, senior biology major, Baily Thomas ’18, shares the top “Five Things that will Make Your Elmira College Experience Truly Unsurpassed.”

Let’s get the full countdown from Baily… 

Student, Baily Thomas

Number 1: Traditions

Being a student here for the past three years gives me the experience to say this… Elmira has some peculiar quirks. At least that’s what it looks like to anyone who doesn’t attend here. To us students, these little quirks are considered tradition. Not only do they set us apart from other colleges, but they make Elmira College feel like home to so many. We pride ourselves on our many traditions, all of which bring us together and make us one community, and most importantly one family.

Number 2: Connections

Connections are key to gaining experience in the field and to get that first step into the door of an internship, job, or a graduate school. Your college career is one for the making and it is up to you to carve the path. Of course you will not be alone in this endeavor. You will have alums, professors, and current students to push you and guide you along the way to greatness. Always remember to ask for help. Professors, no matter how great they may be, are not mind readers (trust me I have tested it) and they do not know you need help unless you ask.

Number 3: Get Involved

Get out of your residence hall, off of your smartphone, and explore the campus and even the world around you. This campus, although aesthetically pleasing, has more to offer than its looks. Go to club meetings, sign up for community events, and attend the athletic games. Each one allows you to make friends that you would never assume you would make and to connect quicker with the ones you already have made. Getting involved is the key to the success of students on this campus, so go out and communicate with more than your computer screen.

Number 4: Later Will Never Come Because Later is Right Now

You will find yourself saying, “I will do that later.” Do not get caught up with this slippery concept of time. Later comes quicker than you think and it sneaks up on you like you would never expect. This will be your downfall because later becomes someday and someday becomes never.

I will be honest with you today and say I am a big proponent of later. I told myself that I would do my internship later. I would do my homework later. I would do my community service later. I would get involved later. I said later more than I said “now.” Being a senior, later has become a couple of months to finish all of these things and more to graduate. I am now in the process of finishing or have finished my “laters.” So do not put yourself in the position of making “laters” a part of your life. 

Number 5: Failure and Change are Okay

College is meant to challenge you and make you grow into the best version of yourself. It is okay to not know what is going to happen next or what you will do when you leave here. Plans change. People change. However, always look forward into the future.

As a senior, with my last classes beginning, I finally realized what I wanted to do in life. For years I believed this was medicine. However, after my experiences here at Elmira, I realized that what I really wanted to do was pharmacy. Change can occur at any point. Accept it. Run with it. And remember your dreams are what you make of them and the only author of them is you.

So in conclusion, never forget the spark that got you to this point today. Everyone has that one thing that motivates and inspires him or her. Let your spark turn into a burning flame and lean on your fellow classmates and your family and let them be the kindling for your future.

As you start your career here remember: be phenomenal or be forgotten. Strive to be the best version of yourself and remember to grow as much as you can. Embrace our traditions, sport the purple and gold, and feel proud to be the next class of Soaring Eagles.