Alumni Begin Master’s Programs at Regent’s University London

August 29 2017
Category: Academics

Regent's University and Elmira College 4+1 Program

As students arrive on campus this week, several newly minted Elmira College alumni are headed across the pond to earn their master’s degrees at Regent’s University London.

The alumni, including Lily Burtner ‘17 and Spencer Cocca ‘17, are part of a unique 4+1 partnership with Regent’s University London allowing EC students to complete their graduate degree work while studying abroad.

We caught up with Lily and Spencer this summer and asked more about why they applied for the program and their goals for the future. 

Why did you decide to apply for the program? 
“I decided to apply for this program because I knew I wanted to attend an international graduate school and with the connection to EC, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity.” – Lily

“I decided to apply to the Regent's University London after attending an Enactus job fair and most of the representatives were looking for marketing candidates who had a master’s degree.” - Spencer

What are you studying at Regent's University? How did you decide on that?
“During my undergraduate career at EC I studied business administration and international studies so a master’s degree in international business seemed like the perfect next step. My initial interest in this field derived from in-depth undergraduate courses at EC that sparked my enthusiasm and made me want to pursue it further.” - Lily

“I will be studying for a masters of the arts in luxury brand management and I decided that because I have always seen myself working for a luxury brand and I saw this as the best opportunity to achieve this dream.” – Spencer

What are you most excited for and why?
“I am most excited to be living and attending school in the heart of London. This will offer countless opportunities and act as a steppingstone for global networking.” – Lily 

What will you bring with you from Elmira College?
“I will bring my experiences and education from Elmira College, but physically I'll be bringing my alumni sweatshirt to keep me warm this winter.”- Spencer

What are your future career or academic goals?
“When I finish my master’s program at Regent’s University London, I hope to work for a multinational corporation perhaps in the field of corporate communications or in a department with international outreach.” – Lily

“I hope to work for a luxury car or clothing company. I would like to get my Ph.D. later in life and teach in my retirement.” – Spencer

Regent’s offers a variety of postgraduate programs, with courses offering a balance between individual and group work, lectures and practical seminars, and placements and workshops. 

Emphasizing global leadership, an entrepreneurial approach and intercultural intelligence, Regent’s focuses on connecting students from across the world with representation of approximately 140 different student nationalities.

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